GoFundMe for Wilmington Parish (and IOCC dinner plug)

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St. Basil's Wilmington

To reiterate the email that Elaine sent out Sunday morning, and the announcement that Father Cyprian and Father Deacon Lazarus made, the OCA parish in Wilmington has set up a GoFundMe to assist the parish and its members.

Very few in the parish have flood insurance, and, if you haven't kept up with the news, Wilmington is at this moment effectively an island, cutoff by flood waters that will only get worse over the coming days as all the rain falls upcountry and floods the rivers.
Please give as you can to their GoFundMe campaign:

Please also consider supporting the IOCC, who is also active in assisting those affected by this disaster.  Here is the signup sheet for the dinner at St. Mary of Egypt this coming Saturday evening: