Lenten Psalter Reading Group

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Yesterday was Zacchaeus Sunday - the Lenten Triodion is not far off and Great Lent will be here in just 4 weeks.

We are putting together a Psalter Group for Great Lent.  The Psalter is so integral in our personal prayers and saturates our liturgical worship.  For millennia it has provided a voice for us as we talk with God.  This is a wonderful opportunity to deliberately pray the Psalter and to pray for each other.

The 150 Psalms are broken into 20 Kathisma.  If you wish to be part of the Psalter Group, you will be asked to pray a Kathisma each day.  So during the period of the Great Fast, you will read the complete Psalter twice.  With each one of us starting on a different assigned Kathisma, our group will pray the complete Psalter each day.  If we can get 40 participants, we will collectively pray the entire Psalter twice a day, each day, during the fast.  

How this works:

  1. To make this possible, we need at least 40 people to sign up so we have at least 2 per Kathisma each day.
  2. You will be assigned a Kathisma to start with and each day you read the next one.  So if you are assigned to start on Kathisma 14, the next day you would read 15, then 16 and so on for each day of the Great Fast. 
  3. After praying your assigned Kathisma, you will have a list of all of us participating in this Psalter group to be remembered in prayer by name.
  4. Questions - feel free to ask.  Interested?  Please provide the following:
    1. Your Baptismal name
    2. Do you have a Psalter?  Would you like to buy a Psalter?  Will you download a Psalter?  Or will you use your Bible?  We have time now to order Psalters if we have enough interest in ordering copies.

When we get this all together, a list of all the names, assignments and prayers will be provided to all the participants.

For more information, please contact Anya Gill: anyagill@yahoo.com