2015 Parish Membership Drive Kickoff

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The Mystical of The Holy ChurchThe 2015 calendar year Saint Mary of Egypt membership drive has begun!  You may download a membership form by clicking here.  They are also available by clicking the "Resources" menu link at www.stmaryofegypt.com.

One thing that is a notable change on this form:  we are not asking for a monthly or regular "pledge" amount.  The reason for this is two-fold.  One, our expenses are essentially fixed and can't be altered anyway, so the amounts "pledged" are not really helpful for developing a budget.  Two, the diocesan (and scriptural!) standard of giving ten percent (the tithe) should be what helps us calculate the amount that we pledge in any case.

Please read the form very carefully and prayerfully, sign it, and return it to Father Cyprian or Reader Thomas.

If you need the membership form in some other format, or have any other issues or any questions, please drop an email to Reader Thomas.

To be eligible to vote in the annual parish meeting on January 11th, you must turn in your membership form by the feast of Saint Herman, on Dec. 13th!