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Things to know when attending

Firstly, welcome!  All visitors are welcome at St. Mary of Egypt.  Our regular cycle of services is as follows:

Day Service/Activity Time
Sunday Hours 9:40a
  Divine Liturgy 10:00a (Immediately following conclusion of hours)
Monday No regular services  
Tuesday No regular services  
Wednesday Daily Vespers 7:00p
Thursday Hours 7:40a
  Divine Liturgy 8:00a (Immediately following conclusion of hours)
  Catechumen class 7:00p (recently moved from Starbucks to parish hall)
Friday No regular services  
Saturday Confessions 4:00p
  Vigil 5:00p

Usually coffee hour is served after each Divine Liturgy.  Please come to the parish hall and join us!

We do ask that you dress properly when attending services.  Dress as though you are in the presence of God Himself...for you are!  Most especially, please, no shorts or other revealing clothing.  Men, no hats please!  All Orthodox clergy, including Readers and Sub-deacons should be dressed in a cassock.  If you plan to vest or to serve, please arrive early enough to discuss this with the first priest.

When entering the church, it is customary to venerate the Icons and to light candles, however please do not do this when it will be disruptive to the service (or be sure to arrive early enough to properly prepare yourself for the service).  Please move forward into the church to avoid blocking the area around the entrance.

As is traditional, Orthodox worship is done standing.  There are benches along the side of the church for the infirm and elderly, however it is customary for all to stand during the reading of Holy Scripture, during the Great Entrance and while the chalice containing the Eucharist is present. During services, movement and talking should be kept to a minimum so as not to distract your fellow worshippers.  This piety is especially expected at the prayers of the Anaphora and during the reading of the Six Psalms at the beginning of Matins.  

Finally, we welcome those of all faiths, but the Eucharist is permitted only to Orthodox Christians of good standing.  Additionally, it is customary to refrain from the Eucharist if you have arrived after the reading of the Gospel.